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Add this to your daily facial regime


I have been using this product for the past 3-4 months. I spend a lot of time outside and I have been worrying about the aging of my skin. I have had a lot of problems with skin discoloration due to my excessive sun exposure, this product has been very influential in the minimizing of skin discoloration and even some of my “newer” wrinkles have disappeared. I get so many compliments on my skin, which is amazing because I hardly ever wear makeup. The added bonus of organic ingredients is fantastic. I do not want to be adding additional chemicals to my skin, that could eventually do harm! This product is easy to use and to work into your daily skin care. I can’t believe the results for the price, but they’re right here on my face!


United States


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This is an Amazing Anti Ageing Product


This is an amazing product! I couldn’t see a different the first couple of days after I used it, but I noticed a different about after 2-3 weeks, my facial skin is brighter. My skin color got darker after I became +40 and I also got more pigment spots… but now my skin color is so bright and also lighter now!!!! It’s Amazing!!! I’m really pleased and I am going to buy this product for my mom and sisters too.
I have spent way too much money on skin care items, the majority of them did nothing remarkable to make my skin look or feel any younger. This particular Vitamin C Serum by Pure is the complete opposite. My facial skin looks soo much more healthy and the fine lines around my mouth are beginning to disappear. This serum has provided the most significant improvement over any other product I’ve tried.
And also rapidly shipping as well

Lisa Jacobsen




Nice skincare


As a skin care, it worked well for me. I used so many skin care products and finally, after getting vitamin C serum, I am so happy. The faster effects are too good than I was expected. Some black eye shadows and lines have disappeared from my face. I’ve got a fresh skin and smooth face, which I really wanted to have for. I will definitely recommend this beauty product to use for skin.






Surprising effects


I liked the effects and changes done through this serum. I started using for removing the darkness and the spots on my face. It somehow did a little twist, changed my facial looking. I am looking prettier than before, I think. My dark spots below the eyes have been fading. For me, it worked.







I used this vitamin C serum and surprisingly I have got my face clean and fresh after 2 weeks. It is an amazing come back to my skin and I liked the fast effects. I think, it suited for me so well. This was a gift from my dad and I really want to thank him for releasing me from my tension. After having some pimples on my face, some spots were placed in my mouth, which is now going to be clean and fading. I am so much excited for having the gift, I can feel it.

Sanya A.Hunt (USA)




Worked like it said


This is definitely a good buy, it worked like it said. My skin tones are brightening now, which seems great. I have been using this vitamin C serum from last 2 months. I have found some good changes, including – it removed some dark spots and my skin looks brighter than the past. I am really happy after the results.

-Alexander The Great “Aca




It worked on me!


My skin looks charming and healthier after using this skin care product. Till now I spend a lot in this aspect, but I did not get any benefits by using them. After using this stuff, my skin is looking younger and I am feeling fresher than before. This serum is the completely the opposite rather than the other used stuffs. The improvement I can see now when I looked at me. The spots are going to disappear from my nose. No doubt, my recommendation goes with this serum.

-Jessie S.