Can Acne, a Disease of the Skin, Be Cured?

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For those that suffer from Acne, a disease of the skin, only question that will be bothering you is, will or not it can be cured? As this disease of the skin varies from individual to individual, the solution that comes out is mostly affirmative and it all depends upon the treatment approach and kind of disease of the skin. Here are a number of the potential “cures” for this disease of the skin i.e. Acne, from natural home remedies to additional medical approaches.


Some proponents of natural health – notably those that apply ancient Chinese medication – believe that the skin reflects the state of the biological process organs.

According to this read, disease of the skin is proof that the body is making an attempt to free itself of poisons that have accumulated as a result of poor digestion and elimination. For this reason, probiotics generally prompt as a style of Acne cure for those that take an additional natural approach to health. Probiotics are aforesaid to boost biological process health, that is then mirrored within the skin.


Some fascinating proofs have been found that connects diet and Acne. Most notable is that the potential role that hypoglycemic agent plays in skin health – studies show that top levels of hypoglycemic agent correlate with the presence of Acne. Diets high in sugar and refined grains tend to extend the body’s hypoglycemic agent levels (sometimes inflicting “spikes” in glucose followed by “crashes”). Thus, a diet that doesn’t cause exaggerated hypoglycemic agent – like one that has whole grains, lean macromolecule, and tiny sugar – might facilitate cure Acne.

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Some health specialists believe that the mineral deficiencies cause worsening Acne – disease of the skin. Vitamins A, B-complex vitamins (especially B6), E, and C ar vitamins that are aforesaid to be particularlynecessary for skin health. Chromium and metallic element Zinc are one of the necessary minerals. Thus, ensure thay you get these necessary nutrients via supplements or such foods that would possibly encourage a helpful step toward the healing of your Acne disease.

Homemade Cleansers

Some folks got success in treating their disease of the skin with home-brewed cleansers. Here are a handful of ideas.

Combine 1/4th cup of Greek-style plain food (or strained plain yogurt) with 1 teaspoon of apple acetum or juice. Gently massage into skin and rinse with lukewarm water.

Crush AN Empirin pill and add it to one/4 cup plain Greek food beside 1 teaspoon honey. Use as a cleaner two times every day or as AN occasional mask.

OTC Cleansers and coverings

There are some cleansers and topical treatments offered over-the-counter (OTC) that will facilitate curing of the disease of Acne. Specialists suggest that cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide


Sometimes, your skin doctor could feel that antibiotics are secure to treat your disease of the skin. For a few folks, a course of antibiotics will act as a cure, as a result of once the infection has cleared up, the skin will recover.


For terribly inflammatory Acne, like cystic Acne or nodules, doctors could suggest steroids. These are either injected or applied locally. Steroids scale back inflammation and facilitate stop the cycle of Acne formation.

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