Acne Problems Causes Low Self-Esteem

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When visiting a dermatologist, he/ she will address your skin problems but will rarely give any importance to the under-the-surface problem – issue of depression, anxiousness, and self-hatred. Though connection between adult acne and person’s self-esteem are widely known and accepted, these are generally ignored. Some acne sufferers, especially the ones in their teenage years, may go through some very powerful emotions and mood changes beneath their skin’s surface.

Acne affects people of all ages. From teenagers to old people, everyone is prone to acne. But, negative psychological effects of acne problems are worst found in the youth. These young girls and boys worry a lot about their image in society and among friends and any alienation from the normal and perceived beauty can be the reason for their depression. Though, there are so many products like our Vitamin C Serum that can help you keeping your skin really healthy yet people become victims of low self-esteem. Adults can also face similar problems but because they have better self-image and higher maturity levels than teenagers, they can handle the emotions well.

However, adult women who suffer from acne problems during menopause or while experiencing other significant hormonal shits related to ageing are prone to emotional sufferings. Acne, among middle aged women, can also be a cause of depression as they will fell unattractive and will have low self-image.

When a teenager is suffering from acne, following things can affect his/ her self-esteem, thereby triggering a range of emotional negative reactions and outbursts:

  • Becoming an object of mockery at school, ranging from good-humored teasing to serious bullying.
  • Peers of suffering individual can misunderstand him/ her intentionally or unintentionally. For example, friends can accuse the sufferer of not washing face regularly or maintaining poor levels of hygiene. These are just vague assumptions as acne problems arises from complex hormonal issues arising from various factors like environment, diet, and stress level.
  • Adult acne sufferers might also feel uncomfortable while talking or socializing with people of their age, especially opposite sex as they lack in self-image and feel unworthy of anyone’s attention. They can, then, prefer to stay indoors rather than going out for movies and shopping with friends. They will feel afraid of being spotted with pimples and becoming social outcasts.

Having acne problems means the person can become angry and depressed with traces of self-hatred. He/ she can develop emotions of injustice like, ‘Why me?’, ‘Why can’t I be like him/ her?’ indicating towards a celebrity or a luckier friend or a batch-mate. All these can become obvious as aggressive outbursts. Sad thing is that even when the acne is improved, negative feelings and depression can linger on. So, low self-esteem that is result of acne can be unfortunately long-lasting.

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