Acne Affects Emotions and Self-Esteem


For some reason, the result of Acne on an individual’s emotions and self-esteem is commonly left unaddressed. For instance, if you visit your dermatologist, s/he seldom raises a question about if you’re feeling depressed, anxious, or perhaps hateful of yourself. A dermatologist is supposed to deal with the skin of his or her patient. That’s what his job or occupation. However, some Acne sufferers, particularly teens, could have some terribly intense emotions underneath their skin’s surface.

While Acne can bother you at any age, teens are most likely to be at the risk of the negative emotional effect of Acne. The image teenagers form about themselves while growing becomes like a permanent label on them and it acts like an adhesive as they start feeling inferior. Adults who are suffering from painful Acne disease also tend to face troublesome emotional problems; however, they sometimes put a pretty mature image of themselves before people in comparison of the teenagers.

It is actually worthless but, at times, adults and especially girls suffer a lot due to emotional imbalance if Acne bothers them when they are going

through their menopause. It also happens if they are having some sort of hormonal shifts in context of aging. A girl starts feeling unattractive about her and Acne just makes the situation worse for them.

When a youngster or a teenager suffers from acne, many things will happen that have an effect on his or her self-esteem. Some of them are as follow:

  • Being created fun of in the class/school. Whether it’s just friendly teasing or bullying, having your peers making fun of your face will make you full of all the negative emotions.
  • Being misunderstood, either deliberately or genuinely. Heck of times, individuals who are not suffering from Acne can put you down stating that you don’t wash your your face well or you keep poor hygiene. However, any teenage who is suffering from the same Acne problems will tell you that it is not result of not washing but Acne occurs from within and is the results of bad interaction between hormones, atmosphere, stress level, and nutrients.
  • Being unnoticed or snubbed by the one with opposite gender. This might not look like an enormous deal to a grown-up; however, teens with Acne usually feel ugly or receive unworthy attention from the opposite gender person.
  • Teens with Acne could sit quite instead of going out with friends, embarrassed that somebody can see their pimples. Acne will build them desire a social outcast.
  • Emotionally, a youngster could become depressed and angry, even to the purpose of shame, once he or she experiences this type of attack on his or her self-esteem. In fact, studies have shown that even once Acne is improved, the negative feelings and depression will linger on. This means that Acne could have an enduring result on the emotions and self-image.
  • The sense of injustice that a youngster could feel once s/he starts suffering from Acne (“Why cannot I be like so-and-so? Why me?”) can manifest as rebellious person.

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